Whoops, food again

*** It’s election day, folks! So get out there and do your civic duty. This ahhmazing bloggy will still be here when you return ***

It’s no secret that I refer to myself as a hippie/nerd/cowgirl mash up, and everyone knows how much hippies love farmer’s markets. Charlottesville’s downtown hosts one every Saturday from April through December, and it is pretty significant in size. My only gripe is that there are no dogs allowed, and I suppose that gripe surprises every one (kidding). I wish they would make it more inclusive while still ensuring proper dog etiquette. They could allow dogs to attend who can show proof of Canine Good Citizen certification, and it might influence more people to get their dogs certified! Granted, none of my current fosters could pass muster on that one, but I guess that’s the benefit of a perma-dog: as much time as you need to practice!

Enjoy the food porn, folks.

Fall Tomatoes


I have no idea what these are …

A musical pie?

Inedible Jewelry! I love this lady.

So, there is a Saturday morning at the C’ville market. Otherwise known as the highlight of my week. That last picture is wares from the lady that owns Inedible Jewelry, a local shop that is totally kickin’. YoungHouseLove even blogged about her, and I think I had a fangirl-by-proxy moment when I saw her stand.

So, how many of my readers have CGC certified dogs? I’m curious if I’m the only slacker out there …

I’m off to the polls, have a fantabulous Tuesday!

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One thought on “Whoops, food again

  1. mom says:

    hedge balls, or hedge apples used for getting rid of spiders

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