New Faces: Edison

Psst, Hey there! I’m sneaking onto foster momma’s bloggy to tell you all about me, since she so sneakily teased you yesterday with my photo. Read on and I’ll tell you some things about me!


I’m Edison. My foster momma says it’s a name to reflect just how smart I am. Like Thomas Edison! I do know how to do some cool stuff that gets me treats: cues like sit, down, and “crate up”. I graduated from my basic obedience class and intermediate class is teaching me lots too. I’ve almost got loose leash walking mastered, and other good manners like sitting at doorways and street crossings. Have you heard of Canine Nosework? It’s a class that teaches me to track odors, just like a police dog! My foster mom says I’m a pro at it even though we just started. Aside from my smarts, I have gorgeous black shiny fur and bright copper eyes that I use for getting snuggles and petting. I must say, I am a very handsome lab/husky (DNA tested to confirm). When foster momma is at work, I empty my food toys, chew on bully sticks, and take long naps in my crate. Dogs who know how to chill out in a crate are super easy for people who have “day jobs” to worry about. Housetraining was a cinch for me too. Hmm … besides food toys, obdedience class, and snuggles, what else do I like? Walks, of course! Since my foster momma doesn’t have a yard, we do lots of walking, about 3 miles a day. Sometimes I get to chase and catch tennis balls too — that is one of my favorite games! She says I’m like a built-in fitness program. Walks are good for tiring me out so I┬ácan snooze the afternoon away. My ideal adopters will be energetic and excited about continuing my training. Did you know there are tons of fun classes, like agility, nosework, dock diving, and even canine freestyle? We could be the most educated pair in your neighborhood! I get along with other dogs if I have a proper and slow introduction, even little tiny ones! I like kids too, so if you’ve got some human children I wouldn’t mind one bit. If you need a hiking buddy, someone to cuddle with, and a dog who is all about pleasing you, apply to meet me! I can’t wait to find my perfect match.

***Interested in adding this smarty to your family? Contact me!***

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One thought on “New Faces: Edison

  1. [...] mentioned before that Edison, one of my current adoptables, is doing K9 Nosework. This is a scent tracking class that is so fun [...]

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