The Pitties of Seattle

I write about dogs.

I write about traveling.

I write about dogs while traveling

And I write about dogs I see on trips.

I don’t write about traveling with dogs.

Don’t ask me why.

Too long to be a Haiku, but too un-funny to be a Dr. Seuss imitation, the above is the gist of this post. I spent a week near Seattle, WA traveling for business. On the last day, I got to the airport early, checked by bag, and turned right around to take the train into downtown Seattle to have a look around for a few hours.

The train in Seattle was easy. I don’t use the word easy lightly when it comes to public transportation. Because we had to drive everywhere my whole childhood, I never got used to taking trains/metros/subways/busses/trolleys. In fact, if I am completely honest, they downright terrify me. Usually the lines are coded by color, which is nice … but some of the colors overlap, and not all of them run at the same time, and for busses you have to be on a certain side of the street, and counting every-seven-minutes-starting-from4:50-am is NOT my idea of a good time. There is more, but my palms are starting to sweat. Suffice it to say that public transportation is terrifying and confusing and makes me grumpy and I always end up having to pee.


But not the Seattle train, oh no! It had one route, just one, that goes straight from the airport to downtown. There are stops in between, but you never have to switch trains. Just get off at the last stop, and Bam! There you are, steps from Pikes Place Market. And right away, there were dogs! It wasn’t a weekend, and it was definitely during the work day, so I was surprised to see so many. But there they were.




Of course I stopped in to Pike’s Place Market, as well as a cute antique store a block or so away. Then I stopped into a Starbucks to charge up my phone a little before walking around downtown for another half an hour or so. It was time to head back to the train, and I even made it back to the airport in one piece! I’m as surprised as you are, believe me.




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One thought on “The Pitties of Seattle

  1. I love DC’s Metro for it’s easy schedule -there’s always a train coming by and I never needed to go to stops with multiple lines, so it was always the right train. The color coded map on each train is easy too, although I might be biased. Other bus and subway stations with letters, colors, schedules, and no abundance of overly simplified maps make me an anxious mess.

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